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Subject: Re: FLASH: Print fabulous pictures of gorgeous naked babes!
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 18:48:49 GMT


Thanks for your work on this.

I think it makes the most sense for you to post this, but you may use the
ftp space John Croteau set up for this list.
user ID: anonymous
password: your email address

Once you get there, establish a folder for yourself. Upload the file to
that folder. Notify the list that it's there. Eventually, you should delete
the folder (perhaps after MM fixes their version).

If any of this is problematic for you, email the file to me (zipped,
please) and I will post it for you.

EVERYONE: please do not reply on list to this or we'll have a million "me
too's." Thanks.


At 08:33 AM 2/23/00 , you wrote:

> I have reworked the banner ad example from Macromedia and it now prints
>under Netscape. I have uploaded the files to my server and can be found at:
>I also have the source file for the fix, if anyone is interested I will
>email it to them or give the URL on my site for download. I do not want to
>give out the URL and have everybody make a mad rush for it, I would rather
>Macromedia fix it in their SDK, I get charged for bandwidth from my ISP and
>it is rather large, 2.5 MB (the tech_sheet uncompressed is 2.5 MB alone!)

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