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Subject: Re: FLASH: Print fabulous pictures of gorgeous naked babes!
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 20:16:49 GMT

Mike Weiland wrote:
> Hi Helen & everyone,
> I have reworked the banner ad example from Macromedia and it now prints
> under Netscape. I have uploaded the files to my server and can be found at:
> http://www.certificatecreator.com/FlashPrint/ad_banner.html
> I also have the source file for the fix, if anyone is interested I will
> email it to them or give the URL on my site for download. I do not want


You're a genius! (in my book anyway) Thanks--it works now. I needed to
put the loop into the first frame of tech_sheet instead of 2 and 3 as I
had it (I didn't know you could have a frame loop on itself), and I
needed the else goto and play("loop") in the main movie (I always assume
it will automatically play the next frame--twice I've made that same
mistake; guess I've got it now that flash wants to be told where to goto
and play next). I don't get what's making the tech_sheet.fla so
gigantic. It's a lot of text, but 2.5M??? I deleted the first frame,
thinking it must be the graphics, but that only knocked the size down a
couple hundred kb. I tried Generate Report, but it looks like that's
info about the published movie, not the fla. Anyway, thanks a million,

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