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Subject: RE: FLASH: Slide show
From: Eric Smollin
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 20:55:58 GMT

>This seems confusing. By using LoadMovie, you're only loading one image at
>time (say 24k) so there is a slight lag. But if you load the whole thing as
>MC with 10 images, that's 240k, a substantial wait. If it's going to be
>sequential, couldn't one load in the background (visibility set to false)
>that while you're looking at image 1, image 2 is loading. When you click it
>would actually change the visibility to true.If you click to go to image 2
>before it's done, there might be a preloader sequence or something. Seems
>would be the most seamless way of doing it. Is it possible to do this with

I would put each image (I am assuming that the slide show is comprised of
images) a couple frames down in a movie clip with an empty first frame
containing a stop action (so it is not visible until you tell target it).
Then I would place all of these MC's on the stage and give them each an
Instance Name. I would have one layer called nav that contained, you guessed
it, the navigation (forwards and backwards) and each button would use tell
target to communicate to the appropriate MC. If the total weight of the swf
was 250k, I would preload about 100k and let the rest stream. If you are
concerned that the user might get through the first 100k before the rest has
loaded, you can do an If Frame Is Loaded loop on the Forward button to
ensure that the frame or MC you are calling is loaded; if it isn't you can
send the user to a screen indicating that the section is loading.

Using load movie is also a good solution. It comes down the decision of do
you want your visitors to experience one mediocre size download and then
smooth sailing from there, or several small downloads. Like Marc said, if
you decide to use load movie, don't bother unloading the current movie, just
park it somewhere that it won't be seen. That way if the user wants to go
back to it, he or she will not have to download the same info twice.

Good Luck

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