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Subject: RE: FLASH: Slide show
From: Eric Smollin
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 21:27:16 GMT

No, unfortunately there is no "hideLevel" command. Let me give you an
example of what I meant:

I would use 38 MC's before I would use 38 levels. Let's say that each of
these MC's contains a slide and some text. Within each of these MC's I would
include a frame that was empty and had a stop action and would label it
"park." When navigating from MC to MC, each button would have the following

On (Release)
Go to and Stop ("park")
Begin Tell Target ("/yourNextMC")
Go to and Play ("WhateverLabel")
End Tell Target
End On

This would send the current movie to the blank frame labeled park and then
call the next clip to be displayed.

Hope that made sense.

> Like Marc said, if you decide to use load movie, don't bother unloading
> current movie, just park it somewhere that it won't be seen. That way if
> user wants to go
> back to it, he or she will not have to download the same info twice.
> Good Luck
> -Eric-

>In one movie I have 38 levels and in another level I have 10 levels. What
I am
>doing right now is I use the UnloadMovie to reveal the layer beneath it
when I
>am going backwards through the slide show. Eric mentioned that I should
>it somewhere it will not be seen. Is this what he meant? Or is there a
>way to do this? Does flash have a "hideLevel" command or something like it?

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