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Subject: Re: FLASH: relative URLS in Mac IE 4.5: bug?
From: Hal Medrano
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 01:21:45 GMT

>> Not being on a Mac myself, I rely on others to test Mac compatibility for
>> me. Maybe someday I'll have the luxury of owning a Mac just so I can watch
>> IE mess up :-) (Please, this is not to knock Macs -- a G4 is on my
>I *think* you can use relative urls if everything is in the same folder...
>makes a mess, and probably not what you wanted to hear, but is something...
>a G4 is on my wishlist too :)

Actually, http://www.nassmc.org has a buncha folders, and uses relative
links to get around to them. And still no Mac IE probs as far as I can see
(and I work in a mostly-Mac shop).

I posted this site a week ago, but if any Macheads would like to hit it
with IE, I'd appreciate it.

Hmmm.... This gets curiouser and curiouser.

Hal (who wouldn't turn down a G4 either!)

Hal Medrano
New Media Group
U S WEST Creative Services

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