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Subject: FLASH: FAO: MACROMEDIA - Flash functionality hindered in Microsoft's future
From: Christian Cook
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 11:15:53 GMT

I take it from the non responses that no-one from MM has looked into
Microsoft's Digital Dashboards yet... ;) (Sorry, just blatant shallow bait
for a response.) Some of the simplest Flash functionality (Particularly
mailto: links) fail to function correctly in a Digital dashboard. From what
we are hearing from MS and from a lot of our clients, a lot of people are
going to be wanting Dashboards real soon and unless you want to get bogged
down in a lot of Javascript workarounds etc. (to reapply the lost
functionality) then you have to limit what you use Flash for. Which is a
shame, with all Flash 4's complex functionality, it's a pity to relegate it
to Flash 2 style 'navigation dressing and animated interactive logos.'

We did have a slick looking transparent bulletin board created entirely in
Flash that pulled out from the side of the interface using DHTML. We may
have had to drop it in favour of a bog standard ugly generic MS looking
board all for the fact that we can't get a mailto: link to fire up an email
window without launching a blank browser window too.

If anyone has even had the slightest experience with Dashboards, I'd be
interested to hear what your own findings were.

original post below.


Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 09:51:18 -0000
From: Christian Cook <christian [dot] cookatisluk [dot] com>
Subject: FLASH: mailto: opening blank browser window in Flash Intranet

When using a mailto: link in Flash within a Microsoft Outlook Digital
Dashboard, the link throws up a blank browser window as well as the email
window. I have tried changing the target window settings but it doesn't

I think it has something to with the fact the in an Outlook Digital
dashboard, although the intranet page is an HTML file, it is within Outlook
and not the browser. So a get URL will call a window as there is no browser
window involved at all until that point.

Anyone else had any experience with this. With the way Microsoft are
currently pushing things, Digital Dashboard Intranets are going to take off
fairly soon, and with lots of Flash functionality compromised from What I
seen so far. You can also launch an .exe seamlessly from a regular hyperlink
Dashboard just using the path, but it won't work as a Flash Link.

Anyone from MM looked into this yet?

Christian Cook
Designer, ISL
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