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Subject: RE: FLASH: shockwave detection on mac with ie
From: Hal Medrano
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 19:34:59 GMT

>> In some browsers, the refresh tag (especially if you set the refresh time to
>> 0!) causes the back button to be "disabled". Clicking back sends the user
>> to the refresh page, which instantly sends them back to the page that they
>> were trying to get away from! Use caution.
>Use location.replace( ) to get around this problem...
><script language="JavaScript1.1">
>replaceTimer = window.setTimeout( "location.replace('warn.html');", 5000 );
><meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="5;url=warn.html">
>Note: this also fixes the Linux bug where the Meta refresh is
>executed even if Flash is detected. I have forwarded the code
>to Colin Moock for inclusion in his tutorial example.

Hey Matthew,

You just solved that darned Linux detection bug we've been wrestling with
here in our shop. Thanks!


Hal Medrano
New Media Group
U S WEST Creative Services

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  RE: FLASH: shockwave detection on mac wi, Matthew Buchanan

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