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From: Darren Critchley
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 22:10:23 GMT

Sorry, but it seems that I must have visited a site that slipped
something to my system using Active X. Below is an explanation. It isn't
a malicious virus, but it screws up your default home page and adds
something to your email signatur. PLEASE do not CLICK on the GO.HIP
attached to any of my past emails.

Another site called "Gohip.com" is worse than the Melissa Virus. It
does a LOT of unathorized stuff. The first thing it does is installs
a program called "Windows Startup" into your start menu that will
keep reconfiguring your browser to go to their site at startup, no
matter how many times you remove it. THEN even worse than that it
attaches an advertisement to EVERY message you send out, giving all
the people who get your mail the "suggestion" that YOU want them to
visit their site. Then of course they get "infected" and pass on
the "gohip" add in all the email they send out. If you have gone
there here is what you have to do:
2. Click Start/Programs/Startup and Delete "Windows Startup"
3. Remove the "Signature" from your email client with their ad.
4. Reset your browsers default site to open where you want it.


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