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Subject: Re: FLASH: Dynamically populated, scrollable, selectable text
From: Mark Zukiwsky
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 04:14:56 GMT

Further to my previous post, I ended up building the interface widget
using Pipey's listbox.fla example. I just added a scene that loads my
variables and deleted a few of Pipey's buttons. No changes to Pipey's
code at all.

I'm getting my vars from a Coldfusion template. The template uses a
random post variable to fetch menu data for one of two choices, so if
you re-load, the menu should update with new data. You can find the
widget at:


Is that what you were looking for Neal?

Mark Zukiwsky
Edmonton, Canada

my previous post:
Check out Pipey's interface widgets:



Both examples generate scrolling lists. Just use your ASP data to
populate the lists. Simply substitute Pipey's arrays with your ASP
data and work from there.

Hope this helps. BTW, nice work Pipey!

Neal Cabage wrote:

>I have abit of a complex question I think. I program ASP and often find the
>opportunity to dynamically populate a listBox of options (eg a list of
>states for example). This is great for then being able to select an option
>form that list.
>Well, in Flash I have figured out how to pass in data enough to populate a
>multilined field which will give me the same presentation effect ... but i
>need to be able to make this info all selectable. If I make a scrollable
>list of state options, it's really of no use to me unless a user can then
>use that list to select the applicable choice.
>Is there some way to either track the selected line of text of return the
>text the user has chosen or something? Can anyone think of any
>suggestions. I am affraid the use of Flash4 as an HTML alternative for a
>front-end to things like shopping carts and dynamic sites is really qiute
>limited without this ability.

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  Re: FLASH: Dynamically populated, scroll, Neal Cabage

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