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Subject: Re: FLASH: Dynamically populated, scrollable, selectable text
From: Neal Cabage
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 04:24:00 GMT

Wow - this is really great! I thought for sure this would be where I
reached the limits of Flash4 interactivity. Guess not! Well, this leaves
me with two questions as I guess these rest will answer themselves as I dig
into the examples.

1. How did you know about this site? Is it a common-knowledge resource
amongst Flashers? I know Moock and Macromedia and that's about it (not that
these - especially Moock aren't already great resources) ... but that's all
I know of online.

2. the term "widget" has popped up acouple of times today. I looked it up
in the Flash "help topics" but to no avail. What does this term mean
exactly? Being a developer, I can't help but to get a little giddy at the
possibility that there's some SDK with which you can develop extension
objects (eg COM/COBRA). I know this is doubtful ... but I have to ask
anyway. ;-)


Oh - one more question. I tried to send a ZIP file with proof-of-concept to
answer the question of how to read in variables into Flash but I didn't see
it post. Do emails with attachments get filtered out?

Neal Cabage

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From: Mark Zukiwsky <markzatv-wave [dot] com>
To: <flasheratshocker [dot] com>
Cc: <nealatldd [dot] com>
Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2000 4:01 AM
Subject: Re: FLASH: Dynamically populated, scrollable, selectable text

> Further to my previous post, I ended up building the interface widget
> using Pipey's listbox.fla example. I just added a scene that loads my
> variables and deleted a few of Pipey's buttons. No changes to Pipey's
> code at all.
> I'm getting my vars from a Coldfusion template. The template uses a
> random post variable to fetch menu data for one of two choices, so if
> you re-load, the menu should update with new data. You can find the
> widget at:
> http://mark.foxmicro.net/flashmenu/
> Is that what you were looking for Neal?
> Mark Zukiwsky
> Edmonton, Canada
> my previous post:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Check out Pipey's interface widgets:
> http://www.pipey.ndirect.co.uk/freeflash/listbox.fla
> http://www.pipey.ndirect.co.uk/freeflash/combobox.fla
> Both examples generate scrolling lists. Just use your ASP data to
> populate the lists. Simply substitute Pipey's arrays with your ASP
> data and work from there.
> Hope this helps. BTW, nice work Pipey!
> Neal Cabage wrote:
> >I have abit of a complex question I think. I program ASP and often find
> >opportunity to dynamically populate a listBox of options (eg a list of
> >states for example). This is great for then being able to select an
> >form that list.
> >
> >Well, in Flash I have figured out how to pass in data enough to populate
> >multilined field which will give me the same presentation effect ... but
> >need to be able to make this info all selectable. If I make a scrollable
> >list of state options, it's really of no use to me unless a user can then
> >use that list to select the applicable choice.
> >
> >Is there some way to either track the selected line of text of return
> >text the user has chosen or something? Can anyone think of any
> >suggestions. I am affraid the use of Flash4 as an HTML alternative for a
> >front-end to things like shopping carts and dynamic sites is really qiute
> >limited without this ability.

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  Re: FLASH: Dynamically populated, scroll, Mark Zukiwsky

  Re: FLASH: Dynamically populated, scroll, Mark Zukiwsky

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