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Subject: Re: FLASH: Sound loading problems
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 17:11:06 GMT

> Just created a movie, included a wav for music, loading the page into my
> browser
> from the web site and music plays, anyone else and movie plays fine no
> music, wav
> is loaded onto web site, what am I doing wrong.

Did you put the sound in Flash or are you trying to play it some other way?
If it's in Flash, you don't also need to load the wav onto the web site...
Flash compresses and includes it in the swf. If it's Flash, it might be a
version 3 vs 4 problem (with the mp3 compression). If not, it could be any
number of problems with whatever plug-in is being used to play sounds from
the visitors machine or in the way you've told those accessories what to do
with it (my conclusion, sound is complicated :)

If you have a URL, those of us who know we have sound set up properly for
wav files and are sure we have flash 4 could check it?


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  Re: FLASH: Sound loading problems, Donald

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