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Subject: Re: FLASH: Dynamically populated, scrollable, selectable text
From: Mark Zukiwsky
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 21:15:42 GMT

Hi Neal,

Here's something that might interest you, building dynamic
hierarchical menus with Flash. The article and source code are at


>1. How did you know about this site? Is it a common-knowledge resource
>amongst Flashers? I know Moock and Macromedia and that's about it (not that
>these - especially Moock aren't already great resources) ... but that's all
>I know of online.

Check out some sites like flashkit.com, flashlite.net, flashzone.com
and simply follow the links to other Flash resources.

>2. the term "widget" has popped up acouple of times today. I looked it up
>in the Flash "help topics" but to no avail. What does this term mean
>exactly? Being a developer, I can't help but to get a little giddy at the
>possibility that there's some SDK with which you can develop extension
>objects (eg COM/COBRA). I know this is doubtful ... but I have to ask
>anyway. ;-)

A "widget" is a generic term for something that represents a typical
interface element. It could be anything, a menu, a button, a list box
-- whatever.

>Oh - one more question. I tried to send a ZIP file with proof-of-concept to
>answer the question of how to read in variables into Flash but I didn't see
>it post. Do emails with attachments get filtered out?

Aaaahhhh! Don't send attachments to any lists -- ever! A good way to
get a thousand plus people pissed-off at you is to send an
attachment. This list probably has a filter on it that takes care of

Mark Zukiwsky
Edmonton, Canada

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