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Subject: Re: FLASH: getting variables from ASP
From: Neal Cabage
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 11:52:16 GMT

Actually, you did phrase the question correctly the first time because
that's the meaning that I tool from it and in fact, the question that I
answered. Here's a proof of concept that demonstrates taking information
*from* the ASP page (that's what you're asking I believe), and sending it
back *to* the ASP page. Just use the Load Variables command as shown in the
attachment. I've included an ASP file for the sake of argument as well.
The FlashChat is also a good example if you have a chance to look at it.

PS - watch out for using the POST method with Load Variables. Apparently it
doesn't work with MSIE4 on the Mac. As long as you can get away with only
2056 chars (the URL length that v4 browsers will support) you should be ok.
Otherwise, you can just argue not to support MSIE for Mac (my preference).
According to the stats on my website, they a rare breed ringing in at less
than 1% of total visitation.

Good luck.

Neal Cabage

----- Original Message -----
From: Vipin Kanwar <vkanwarathome [dot] com>
To: flasher <flasheratchinwag [dot] com>
Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2000 9:15 PM
Subject: FLASH: getting variables from ASP

Hello again,

sorry.. i think i did not phrase my question properly.

Ok.. so here i go again.

I have created a flash login form. On clicking the submit button, it
sends variable to "login.asp" to validate the username and password
through a SQL database.

So far.. no problems, I've managed to send the variables and i log into
the site without any problems.

Now.. the asp scrip sends to to another page which displays my full name
(from the sql databse) and displays my user status (admin, user,
modifier, client, vendor etc. again from the sql database)

I get a message for example (welcome "fullname" to the tracking system.
you have "admin" rights in this system).

Here is the asp page code:-

<% Language = VBScript %>
Welcome to the assset management system, <% = Session("Fullname") %>.

You have <%=Session(AccessDesc") %> level access to the system.
To begin, please select an option from the menu.

I want to be able to recreate this whole page in Flash using the same
database to fill in the fullname and the type of acess into my flash

This means there are two different html pages working. The first one is
the one that has the "login form" flash movie and this is the page that
sends the variables to the "login.asp" file that has a
"response.redirect" to the home.asp page the code for which i have shown

I want to basically create the "home.asp" page in flash displaying the
username and user rights from within the flash movie. This means flash
should be able to get the variable from asp and display it.

Can someone please help. If this is not the right way.. then i am open
to suggestions but it does have to be flashed.

vipin kanwar

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  FLASH: getting variables from ASP, Vipin Kanwar

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