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Subject: RE: FLASH: ASP to Flash - implied method and limitations
From: Damian Morton
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 18:21:51 GMT

The data returned to Flash isnt encoded in the URL, so the 2056 limitation
doesnt apply. The URLencoding describes the format of the data returned.

GET and POST are methods for sending data to the server, with GET sending
the data encoded into the URL and POST sending its data separately from the
URL (but encoded in the same format as if was part of the URL).

Confusing isnt it?

> From: Neal Cabage
> Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 4:35 AM
> Subject: FLASH: ASP to Flash - implied method and limitations
> I have a question about sending info from ASP to Flash.
> Ok, so I know that I can send the info back to Flash by simply writing a
> querystring containing the key/pair values but I am not *entirely* sure
> what's going on here and thus the limitations are a little foggy to me.
> I *presume* that this means that everything is being sent via the GET
> method, back to Flash. If so, there is an implicit 2056 total character
> (inlcuding hex-encoded values) limit on the v4 browsers for which I am
> authoring. Thus, there is a definite limitation that would effect how I
> approach sending data to Flash.
> So, my questions the are:
> 1. Is this in fact using the GET method of is there something
> else going on
> here?
> 2. Is there a away (presuming this is GET) to use the POST method instead?
> Only examples I have found are passing data by writing the URLencoded
> key-pairs.
> Thanks.
> Neal Cabage

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  FLASH: ASP to Flash - implied method and, Neal Cabage

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