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Subject: FLASH: Re: [flashpro] Perl/CGI script for popup
From: Matthew Cloner
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 23:45:24 GMT

Hi Michael,
You're not the only one who would like to find a script for that. I was hoping
that someone would have some JavaScript for that, but so far no luck. And I'm
still hoping to find a script to open multiple popup windows in Flash 4.

Matt Cloner
Hynomics Corporation

Michael Dunn wrote:

> Is there a CGI script for a popup window that supports IE 4.5 on Mac? If so, is
> it centerable and does it open only one new window? If so, please post it. I'm
> sure everyone will bow to you and worship you and build monuments in your
> likeness. Or post the URL where one can be found.
> --
> Michael Dunn
> The Merica Agency
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  FLASH: Re: [flashpro] Perl/CGI script fo, Joe Laffey

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