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Subject: Re: FLASH: Text scrolling
From: Dorian Nisinson
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:14:10 GMT

I seem to be missing the beginnings of this thread, but why do you
recommend breaking apart type? This increases the file size by
circumventing one of Flash's real strengths. Type (unbroken apart) is a
special kind of symbol within Flash. If you use a font in Flash it is
not necessary for the viewer of the flash swf file to have that font on
their machine. Flash saves the outlines of the letters you use from a
particular font and uses the outlines it saves when ever you place
another instance of that letter in that font. When it exports the swf
movie the outlines are included.
Sometimes it is a good idea to make symbols of a block of type or a
particular word, but you do not have to break apart the font to do that.
If you are talking about using the 3 special fonts that Flash 4
installs (_serif, _sans, and _typewriter) then those are there for the
purpose of using a comparable font on the viewer's machine and should
not be used unless that is what you intend to have happen. An example of
why you would use those fonts would be for movies with a lot of text to
be displayed at smaller point size where Flash's normal antialiasing can
reduce readability at small sizes.
Generally, it is a bad idea to break fonts apart unless you absolutely
must in order to reshape or animate the letters beyond the usual scaling
moving or rotating.


Sam Rhee wrote:
> > > I used just text and it seems to function ok, what would turning it
> > > into a symbol do.
> There are several major issues to deal with if you are NOT turning text
> into symbols, the main one being if you are using a non-standard font or
> a font that the end-user does not have, it simply won't show up on his
> screen in many cases.
> Also, after you convert a word into a symbol, it is good practice to
> break it apart and regroup it.

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