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Subject: RE: Follow-Up RE: FLASH: FlashZone.org *vs.* flashzone.com -- you be the judge!
From: Kevin Jackson
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 06:11:59 GMT


It's about midnight here where I live and I thought I'd make a suggestion on
this subject. First of all, this is why there is a need for contracts and
unions. (Been there myself and it seems that the trustworthy are always
first in line to get screwed)

What it appears to be is a business deciding that there was money to be made
in the FLASH community. Now if I have a choise of siding with Branden and
David (among others) versus a company that took over so shoddily, I'd have
to say Copulate the Company. While it is true that companies are not always
slimy, self-serving and willing to whore over anyone for a profit to think
otherwise would be to put bad attributes to David and the others. I can't do
that. Volunteers like them have by all accounts done more for the Flash
community than any company (except Macromedia).

After looking at the sites tonite, I found both org and com have the same
content. Since the author is at org so there really is no reason to ever go
back to the com address. (To digress it would be like siding with Phil or
Paul over John or Peter-obtuse music reference for some) I found the
shockfusion address to be less than user friendly. So I guess what I am
saying is there is no need to go to the .Com address. It'd be nice if
everyone had the self respect not to apply to fill their open positions

Kevin Jackson
Triskelian Design
kjacksonattriskelian [dot] com

The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you
settled for. Maureen Dowd

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