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Subject: Re: FLASH: Mac and IE 4.5
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 19:57:46 GMT

At 5:42 PM 2/28/0, Sublett, Brian wrote:
> Any idea why IE 4.5 for Macs puts a "border" on the top of my flash movie?

As Andy noted, IE/Mac renders extra space when it encounters the OBJECT tag
that IE/Win uses.

(Why do we use a nested OBJECT/EMBED structure? So that people using IE/Win
can use their existing Flash ActiveX Control, and IE/Win visitors without
Flash can quickly auto-install the Flash ActiveX Control. The OBJECT tag
also enables Flash/VBScript intercommunication in the IE/Win browsers.)

Similarly, IE/Win uses VBScript for many functions, but IE/Mac will usually
show you an alert saying it saw VBScript but can't figure out what it
means. The things that one of their browsers requires, the other doesn't

(The other big FAQs on IE/Mac is that it will not reveal its plugins to
JavaScript, and it does not support JavaScript communication with plugins.
It also has various HTML and networking differences, but these aren't
related to plugins.)

Suggestion: You might want to just do the best you can for visitors in
IE/Mac, but realize that they'll see other sites weird too... that browser
is just plain different from the Netscapes and Microsoft's PC browsers.

(For Jennifer Webber's parallel thread, how do you do on the
one-or-all-sites test in that IE/Mac browser... can it never-ever view any
SWF, or is there some particular served content that's different? If the
latter, then you can quickly try test SWFs and test HTML on that server, or
post an URL and request that others investigate it for you. Basically,
changing one variable at a time can show where the difference is.)


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