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Subject: Re: FLASH: Mac and IE 4.5
From: Matthew Buchanan
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 20:25:33 GMT

>> Any idea why IE 4.5 for Macs puts a "border" on the top of my flash movie?
>> The movie scale is exactfit, width and height are both 100%. Everything
>> works fine on PCs in both Netscape and IE and in Netscape for Macs. Any
>> help is greatly appreciated!

> It's breaks caused by using the object tag. You could get away with just
> using the embed tag or just live with the fact that you've discovered
> another one of Mac IE's numerous bugs.

I positioned a flash movie pixel perfectly in IE4.5 on this page:


It's inside a table cell, and includes <object> tags, but all the spaces
between the object tags and the embed tags have been removed.
Perhaps you could place your SWF file in a table with width, height
set to 100% ( and leftmargin, topmargin set to 0 in the <body> ) and
set up your tags as in the above page to fix this problem?


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