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Subject: FLASH: vecta3d game posted (and popup window info)
From: fritz
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 22:45:22 GMT

a little while ago, i announced the launch of a web based contest to win
a jeep and 12 snowboard/ski packs:

for those who missed that post the contest includes a new game a week
for 12 weeks. most of the games are in flash.

*this* week is the "bounty chore challenge", a clean-up-the-house style
game done with vecta3d's 3d studio plug-in. i thought people here may be
interested in taking a look at a real world implementation of a flash
app done with vecta3d. the game was done by fellow ice flasher, graham
barton. if you have any specific questions about vecta3d, you can mail
him at grahambaticeinc [dot] com.

so, pop on over to www.getoutandgo.ca and take a look. while you're
there it would be cool if you could register, if you have time. there
are other games to play once you register, and we're generally trying to
spread the word.



oh, also, i noticed an awful lot of chat about popup windows in flash.
sounds like it's time to repost this information:

at www.moock.org/webdesign/flash, you'll find four methods of doing
popup windows described, each with sample implementations and
descriptions of browser support. they are:

one: using fs command
use an fs command action to call a javascript function that launches a
rating: worst. badly buggy in Netscape, and excludes Win3.1 and Mac68K.
last updated: december 03, 1998.

two: using javascript as the network url
call a javascript function directly from a getURL using the
"javascript:" protocol.
rating: good. very stable, doesn't require frames, and supports
everything except IE 3.0 on pc and IE 4.5 on mac.

three: using a hidden frame
use a getURL to load a page into a hidden frame, then call the popup
function with an ONLOAD handler.
rating: best if you want the broadest browser support. but if you don't
care about ie3 or 4.5 on mac, use technique 2.
last updated: May 21, 1999

four: setting target window
do a Get URL with a target window set to "_blank".
rating: easiest. but no control over new window attributes.

see the site for more info...


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