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Subject: Re: [flasher] re:frame rates and base designs
From: Anthony Smith
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 22:42:39 -0000

>> sweet!:) so what specs are you making your flash for? and then what screen
>> res do you design for?
> My main use of Flash right now is producing my STONE TREK webisodes.
> They are at 320 X 240, and I don't know what impact this has on screen
> resolution, but I _typically_ do Flash website design in 800 X 600.

i can understand anything over 800x600 full screen cranking on a low end
puter (especially macs... mine deffinately cranks ).. wonder if there are
statistics on web users machines.. that would be interesting..

we just finished a big job for a client where we had to downgrade all this
wikid flash 5 stuff around flash 4 functionality... argh! i think were going
to start suggesting flash 5's the way to go (depending on client of course )


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