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From: Manuel S.-Harguindey
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 11:24:52 -0000

Hello, this little code tests if string is a number and, if so, it
converts it to a two-decimal-digits number:

// put whatever as the string.
string = "3ytr4.665";
num = Number(string);
valid = !isNaN(string);
if (valid) {
// converts to xxx.xx
num = Math.floor(100*num)/100;
trace (string+" is a valid number.... .Converted: "+num);
} else {
trace (string+" is not a valid number.");

I dont know if it helps...

Ian Richardson escribió:

> How can i ensure that the data entered into text fields by a user is
> numerical only? ie they only enter a price
> Also, after a calculation, how do i ensure that the result only shows 2
> decimal places.. as in a currency?
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