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Subject: Re: [flasher] Linkage -> Export this symbol causes an undesireably large first keyframe
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:31:53 -0000


The only way I can think of around this is to create a separate movie
whose only function is to preload the main movie into, say, level1
(meaning that you'd have to use _framesloaded instead of getBytesLoaded
since I think the latter is reserved for movieclips, but I'm not
positive -- that's just what the manual says). So:
frame 1: loadMovie("realmovie.swf",1);
frame 2: if (_level1._framesloaded > 1) { // check for externals
_level1.gotoAndPlay(2); // run actual movie
frame 2-whatever: looping preloader

Maybe someone has come up with a better way to deal with this -- it
would be great to hear if so, since it's a fact that all exported
symbols (and sounds) are loaded in frame 1 (because Flash doesn't know
when they'll be needed) and so this must be an issue for many people who
use attached clips and sounds.

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James Pine wrote:
> Hey,
> My main fla has about 60 movie clips that are exported
> as linkable so as to facilitate the use of the
> attachMovie command. I've set this up so that the
> movie clips don't have to be in separate swfs, and the
> person can download them all at once and then run
> through the site smoothly.
> A problem I've run into is that flash seems to force
> all exported movie clips to load in frame one, thus
> inhibiting the use of a pre-loader. I've tried putting
> a pre-loader in a scene before the main scene, and
> also tried loading the main swf inside another swf,
> but can't seem to be able to use the getBytesLoaded
> and getBytesTotal methods to work on a loaded swf.
> If anyone knows of a way around this type of problem
> without changing all the exported symbols into
> separate swfs and using load and unloadmovie instead
> of attach and remove movie, please let me know! Thanx
> L8r

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