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Subject: [flasher] Re: Telltarget and Load movie issue
From: cpuatqrime [dot] com
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:15:54 -0000


>> First of all, if that's to be published as Flash 5, replace the
>> TellTarget with _parent.loadport.gotoAndPlay("close"). If you want the
>> next movie loaded into the same movieclip, couldn't you have loadport
>> load it itself once the "close" sequence is done? Something like
>> this.loadMovie("port-qrime.swf") should work.

The problem is that I have multiple buttons and multiple movies to load.
Each will not know which will be next to be loaded. Other thing I can do is
to create a close sequence in the main movie and loads at the end. But if
you do this the main movie will be gets bigger as I add more buttons..

>> If that doesn't work for
>> some reason, another idea would be to have loadport set a variable on
>> the main timeline to say when the "close" sequence is done, which the
>> main timeline would loop around checking and then load the new movie
>> when it's set.

Is this possible? The loaded movie will have to send a variable to a button
in the main movie to load the next one once it finishes the close sequence?
Is that what you mean?


>> Regards,
>> Helen
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>> "cpuatqrime [dot] com" wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a movie which loads an external swf files with button action. The
>>> thing is that each loaded movie has a closing animation and i would like
> to
>>> play the closing animation and then "load" the next movie. The script I
> have
>>> is:
>>> on (release) {
>>> tellTarget ("../loadport") {
>>> gotoAndPlay ("close");
>>> }
>>> loadMovie ("port-qrime.swf", "../loadport");
>>> }
>>> With this script it skips the telltarget part and loads the next one
>>> directly. Does anyone has any idea?? I have seen this done a lot and I
> am
>>> sure it's fairy simple...
>>> thanks millions in advance.
>>> CPU

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