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Subject: Re: [flasher] Flash vrs Shockwave plug-in
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 19:34:15 -0000

At 8:51 AM 2/27/1, Arnold Gregory wrote:
> Where can I find good sources of pros and cons between Flash
> and Shockwave plug-ins....

Searching the Macromedia site with terms like "director flash differences"
pulls up a number of articles.

Recap: The Macromedia Flash Player is optimized for small footprint, and
hence easy distribution and portability. The Shockwave Player is larger,
but takes deeper advantage of full computers.

> including current (Macromedia's latest is 6 mo.
> old) statistics on the deployment of each.

The last Media Metrix consumer audit was performed in December 2000, and
the next one will occur in March, and likely be published in April.


(Hmm, the Shockwave Player doesn't seem to have the Dec00 audits
published... I've dropped a note to the Shockwave staff asking what's up.)

> How do I convince a client that visitors will take the time
> to download another plugin to view their materials.

One good way is to figure out what the client is seeking. If they're just
presenting text information and aren't qualifying their audience, then HTML
can do. If they'd rather give a richer experience to their audience, or
their target audience likely visits other rich-experience sites, then that
tilts the balance a bit.


John Dowdell, Macromedia Tech Support, San Francisco CA US
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