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Subject: Re: [flasher] Re: Telltarget and Load movie issue
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 20:40:17 -0000

Yes, you can certainly use a variable on the main timeline to show what
movie is currently loaded (eg, _root.currentMovie = 3) and another to
show whether that movie is running or ended (the latter could be set
from the loaded movie when completed with, eg, _root.movieRunning =
false). It would be easier to control the movie loading and unloading
with a movieclip than multiple buttons though -- an
onClipEvent(enterFrame) routine allows you to continually monitor the
state of variables (like those mentioned above), to set them as
necessary, and to trigger other events (like loading movies). Buttons
just allow you to trigger an action, but not monitor what's happening
after that. Not sure whether that helps you with what you're trying to
do, but maybe it'll give you an idea which direction to go. (And I agree
with you that adding your closing sequences to the main movie isn't such
a good solution).

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"cpuatqrime [dot] com" wrote:
> The problem is that I have multiple buttons and multiple movies to load.
> Each will not know which will be next to be loaded. Other thing I can do is
> to create a close sequence in the main movie and loads at the end. But if
> you do this the main movie will be gets bigger as I add more buttons..
> >> If that doesn't work for
> >> some reason, another idea would be to have loadport set a variable on
> >> the main timeline to say when the "close" sequence is done, which the
> >> main timeline would loop around checking and then load the new movie
> >> when it's set.
> Is this possible? The loaded movie will have to send a variable to a button
> in the main movie to load the next one once it finishes the close sequence?
> Is that what you mean?
> Thanks,
> >>
> >> Regards,
> >> Helen
> >> -------------------------------------------------------------------
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> >>
> >> "cpuatqrime [dot] com" wrote:
> >>>
> >>> Hi,
> >>>
> >>> I have a movie which loads an external swf files with button action. The
> >>> thing is that each loaded movie has a closing animation and i would like
> > to
> >>> play the closing animation and then "load" the next movie. The script I
> > have
> >>> is:
> >>>
> >>> on (release) {
> >>> tellTarget ("../loadport") {
> >>> gotoAndPlay ("close");
> >>> }
> >>> loadMovie ("port-qrime.swf", "../loadport");
> >>> }
> >>>
> >>> With this script it skips the telltarget part and loads the next one
> >>> directly. Does anyone has any idea?? I have seen this done a lot and I
> > am
> >>> sure it's fairy simple...
> >>>
> >>> thanks millions in advance.
> >>> CPU

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