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Subject: No Subject
From: Anonymous
Date: Thu Mar 29 12:52:11 2001

What this means is that when you use duplicateMovieClip, you get a duplicate
of the *original* clip in all its unmodified glory. Any transformations,
variables, content added with load movie will not be shown in the duplicate.
You have to modify it after you duplicate it.
There's lots of ways you can still get the same effect. You could add a line
of code to tell each duplicate to load a movie when you're duplicating it

duplicateMovieClip("myMC", "myMC" + i, i);
["myMC" + i].loadMovie("whatever.swf");

Or you could give the movie clip you duplicate an on(load) handler that
loads the movie into itself. Every time you make a duplicate the on(load)
handler will be the first thing to execute for each duplicate. You could
achieve the same thing by putting a loadMovie action in the first frame of
the movie clip you're duplicating.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Patrick Mullady [patatretropunk [dot] com (mailto:patatretropunk [dot] com)]
> Sent: 27 February 2001 15:19
> To: flasher from chinwag
> Subject: [flasher] Load Movie Help
> I'm loading a swf into a movie clip. I need to be able to
> duplicate that
> clip with the loaded contents inside of it. I've been trying
> this and when I
> duplicate the movie clip it comes up blank! I've also tried
> attach movie
> clip in FLash 5 and I get the same result. Can anybody help?!!!
> Thanx in advance guys
> ReTrOpUnK
> Digital Artist

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