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Subject: loadMovie with dynamic data doesn't work?
From: Bryan Ax
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 11:45:46 -0000

OK, assume two Flash movies:

"myticker.swf" --my ticker movie - contains scripts to dynamically pull
information from an asp page.
"homepage.swf" --home page being developed elsewhere.

I've got a situation where a client wants to insert a "ticker" of current
events within a Flash movie. Fine - using a method where you just pull in
data from an asp page in to the movie "myticker.swf", and display this movie
in the browser, it works fine.

However, someone else is developing most of the rest of the Flash website
("homepage.swf") - IDEALLY, what I'd like to do is have his movie just do a

SomeMovie.LoadMovie("myTicker.swf","get or post or ??? - none seem to work")
when it's time for the ticker to come up...

However, I can't seem to get this to work - I can get it to load the
information in just fine if I bring the ticker and asp script in to the
"homepage.swf" movie - however, if I instead try to do a
LoadMovie("myticker.swf", WHATEVER), with the ASP script still contained in
"myticker.swf", from the 'parent movie' ("homepage.swf"), it doesn't seem
to work. All movies are at the same level in the directory structure.

Can Flash not handle doing the ASP script stuff from a movie that's been
loaded in to another movie?

I can think of lots of other applications for this - the chapters to books,
for instance, loaded dynamically via Load Movie, rather than putting the
whole book in one Flash movie...Little "agents" that can pull user's names
from a database, and pop up in a different movie...and countless other

Any help appreciated. I'm willing to send the files to someone if they
think that will help.

Bryan Ax

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