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Subject: [flasher] Need a protractor and a graph example
From: Tony McLawhorn
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 15:59:57 -0000

I'm new to Flash and have been downloading movies to learn.

A few weeks ago, I KNOW I came across an example Flash movie of a beautifully
rendered "protractor" that one would use to measure angles. I also remember
seeing an example .fla of a bar graph.

Would anyone know where examples of these two things might be? I am expecially
trying to understand how to do bar graphs.

Been going to all of the developer sites listed on Macromedia's page but I
still haven't located any examples of graphs or protractors.

Many thanks.

| Tony McLawhorn
| Director of Educational Software Development
| College of Science and Mathematics
| University of South Carolina
| Columbia, SC 29208
| Tel: (803) 777-2883
| Fax: (803) 777-2451
| tonyatpsc [dot] sc [dot] edu

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