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Subject: Re: FLASH: Hello! :o)
From: mingo
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 02:12:59 GMT

Hi Neil..and everybody...i'm back.

Got to catch up fast...reading all the mails from this list after my long
vacation :)

Have just visited your site, Neil..like your design, its give a very neat,
clean and cool look..(doesn't look like a newbie flash site !)

Here are some 'hiccups' that I've spot at your site (or may be not...) :

1. When I clicked on the "depression", "members","Links" and "Poetry"
their movie clips overlap with the main movie, is it due to the setting of
the loading level ? and I can't find the "home" button to return back to
the main movie from these links ??

2. When I clicked on the "Home" buttons, it return back to your main movie,
but all the buttons at this point cannot be clicked ?

I'm using Netscape4 Win95 to browse btw, if that's a problem.

Happy "flashing" !


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