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Subject: Re: FLASH: 2 designer sites to look at
From: Byron Canfield
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 19:03:51 GMT

Very strange. The first one insists that I do not have the Flash plug-in. Not

At 11:50 AM 1/29/99 -0500, you wrote:
> haven't seen these posted anywhere, and thought some might find them
> interesting (especially the art/designer types).
> h e l i o z i l l a
> <http://www.heliozilla.com/>www.heliozilla.com
> web design company (in toronto,canada i think) with lots of clients in the
> music industry. neat-as-spit arty design. mostly little narratives with the
> odd
> bit of company info thrown in. uses flash for most of its content.
> suction prahjex (nyc) 2.X
> <http://www.suction.com/>www.suction.com
> neat experimentalish design. high-tech arty stuff. only one component of
> site is flash, but it shows how you can use more than one design tool
> your site looking disjointed. actually, its almost hard to tell when you're
> in
> flash and when you're not.
> -colin

Byron Canfield, Canfield Studios (http://www.byronc.com)
President, Seattle Coreldraw Artists Network (http://www.corelsea.org)

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  FLASH: 2 designer sites to look at, Colin Moock

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