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Subject: Re: FLASH: User System Information Database . . .
From: Daniel Votino
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 02:39:12 GMT

>Oh, somebody suggested developing a database of system information for
>users of this list. Unfortunately, what was NOT done was to determine just
who >was going to manage the database or mandate that responses be handled
"off >list."

Hi Byron,
Would this imply that having them posted here and saved in a mail folder
for example by each user who would like that info on hand would not be a
good idea? I would be happy to maintain a list elsewhere for everyone if
that is truly a better idea but I wonder if people would bother with it
outside this list. In fact I am wondering if many of you even think it
worth it. I can think of many reasons why it would be useful to a "flashing
community" such as this. Because I did not hear much about it from anyone,
I was beginning to wonder if my mail had actully gotten through. So anyone
have any thoughts they want to add or shall we drop the idea all together?


Example by Bernie: =)

> >1) OS: WIndows 95
> >2) Browser & Browser Version: IE5.00.0910.1309
> >3) Monitor Size: 13"
> >4) Screen Resolution: 1024 X768
> >5) Processor Speed: P266
> >6) Connection Speed: 64k

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  Re: FLASH: User System Information Datab, Byron Canfield

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