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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Presentation
From: David Gary
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:03:32 GMT

> >1. Is there a simple/fast way to Change the color/font/size of many
> >different text blocks throughout out a flash movie?

If the text were created as symbols. Anything that was created as a symbol can be edited and it will change
whereever it was used in the Movie. If I understand the question.

> >2. Is there a simple way to scale a movie which was built at an
> >incorrect resolution (there are bit maps, so scaling in the browser is
> >not an option).

recreate the bmp at the size it should be and "update" in the bmp properties in FLash.
Flash created objects can be scaled down "onion skin", Select all, scale numeric.
Theres different techniques on doing this and it can get complicated depending on the
structure of the movie, but without knowing the structure I can only give you a general idea.

> >3. Where is a good solid bit of script for opening a newbrowser window?
> >Each time I have attempted to do this, I could not get it to work, and I
> >had two solid JS programmers trying to help me.

If your trying to open the new window from within FLash,
try Colin Mook's tutorial on hidden frame routine. This supports IE3+ and NS 3+
and bypasses the "live connect" problems.
Dont have the URL handy, but its around.

> >4. When importing vector artwork from illustrator, why is it that when
> >you click on one piece, the other parts become sort of grayed out, and
> >unselectable. This makes it extremely hard to change the color of a
> >bunch of vectors at once. (please don't just say I should rebuild it in
> >Illustrator).

"Select All", break apart image.(break apart until "break apart" option os greyed out.
This will give you full editing control over the image.


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