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Subject: Re: FLASH: User System Information Database . . .
From: John Croteau
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 16:17:27 GMT

Hi Daniel,

> Oh, somebody suggested developing a database of system information for
> users of this list. Unfortunately, what was NOT done was to determine just
> who was going to manage the database or mandate that responses be handled
> "off list."
Developing a DataBase of what O/S and browsers are used on the List will
be of minimum use.

What might be good is to create a form that would have List boxes for
most of the categories and fill-in boxes for the others.
It should be setup so that people who test with multiple browsers (etc.)
could easily enter multiple testings.
A link to the form could be included in List posting or on the site.
The form would send the email directly to the site poster.
If a good standard form of this type was developed, I think it might
gain wide acceptance and use.
Why won't a database of Testers info not work?

1) Many developers on this List have multiple computers with multiple
copies of browsers. Making a listing and determining which particular
computer/browser one is using for testing sites may vary. Home, work,
laptop and alternate at work and/or at home.
2) Both browsers, O/S, monitor size and resolution tested with at are
fluid often changing day to day or even during the day. Connection
listed would only be a maximum and vary widely depending on the Web
conditions. It is likely any DataBase would be out of date before it was
3) The real need of this information is spotty and would unlikely be
worth the trouble of trying to maintain it.
4) Once the database is compiled there is 2 possible senerios. One is to
check those who respond to List site checks to see what system they are
using (note the DB may not be up to date or a multiple computer/browser
user person didn't identify which of his browser/computers he was
And the second senerio is to use the DataBase to contact those who fit
the test profile for testing. I don't like either of these very much.
5) If you have a special need for testing the best way is to just ask
for specific details needed to solve your problem.
6) Remember this is a peer to peer List and people contribute when they
have time and if they think they can help. Unfortunately I doubt if
anyone could setup a testing service that would test pages on multiple
O/S, Browsers, Resolutions and Screen sizes at a reasonable cost. So the
best solution is to test often and on as many systems as you can. There
is very few here who can not set up several browsers on their
computer(s). Also remember many people will test your pages and find
nothing wrong and therefore not send you or the List email that they
found nothing wrong or have the same problem as prviously reported.
We don't need hundreds of emails on the List for each site tested like:
"Liked you site, worked OK for me".

> Example by Bernie: =)
>1) OS: WIndows 95
>2) Browser & Browser Version: IE5.00.0910.1309
>3) Monitor Size: 13"
>4) Screen Resolution: 1024 X768
>5) Processor Speed: P266
>6) Connection Speed: 64k

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