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Subject: FLASH: Re: FLASH . . checking for Mac, NT and 3.0 browsers.
From: Susie Hinchliffe
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 20:31:53 GMT

>Susie! (thats a shout) =)
sorry Daniel...been out & about... (my word;+)

> I am wondering if the version of Netscape 3 you are using usually views
>all Flash material in its present state? I tried a fresh install of N3 and
>while I saw the broken plug, going to the help page and intalling the plug
>and refreshing made it pop right up. Thanx for your feedback! =)

no i don't have the plug-in installed for N3, precisely so I can check what
happens when it's not present...sorry not to have told you that before

> IE4 thing is very strange indeed
my understanding on detection issues is pretty weak to say the least, but
IE4 won't recognise Aftershock code that has detection script in it. You
have to generate an alternate page that doesn't have the detection script
for Mac's IE4 to read it. IE3? i thought this was an across the board Mac
IE issue - (though it seems IE generally doesn't have (the correct version
of?) LiveConnect/Active X and IE4 doesn't have VB script, so maybe the
difference is in there) . Crashings etc are, i think, kind of 'standard
responses' to the regular A'shock code. There was a thread on this a while
back, the upshot seeming to be 'generate another html page with a link to
the Flashed site telling people who know they've got Flash installed to go
there' - please anyone correct me if i'm wrong

....hope this clarifies it a bit - sorry if i've repeated what you already
knew. You're right, it is completely bizarre really ;


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