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Subject: Re: FLASH: Shockwave plugin arrived with Netscape 4.08
From: Info
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 23:04:52 GMT


>Today I put Netscape Navigator 4.08 on one of our Macs that hadn't previously had a browser.<<

Netscape actually started to bundle the flash plugin with Navigator 4.07

>>Is the Flash plugin also "bundled" with an Internet Explorer download?<<

eerrr, dunno. just tried to find out on the microsoft site - no joy. I think they started
to include it with IE 4.5.. but can't be sure. "flash" does, however, come pre-installed
on Mac OS 8.5 as well as Windows 98.

>>2. Users only need 1 plugin to play Shockwave Director (.dcr) movies and Shockwave
Flash (.swf) movies, correct?<<

nope. there are two seperate plugins: the flash plugin which will only let you see .swf
and the shockwave director plugin, which will let you see both .dcr & .swf (macromedia
apparently seperated the two because the 'flash' plugin download is a lot smaller than the
director one)

>>But when the new browser reached my Shockwave Director pages, it went off to the
Macromedia site and did another download. Can anyone tell me why this happened?<<

because you haven't installed the shockwave plugin...

hope this helps!


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