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Subject: Re: FLASH: working efficiently with Flash
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 22:10:38 GMT

Hi Carla
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Subject: FLASH: working efficiently with Flash

> Hello...
> A couple of Flash questions...about working the most efficient way...
> One: I have an object that you see at the end of a Movie Clip. I want that
> same visual of the object to appear at the beginning of some frame by
> tweening that I'm doing on a different layer.
> How do I line the first object up with an instance of the same object on a
> different layer?

Copy the object where it exists on the first layer. Highlight the frame you
want to copy it to, then go to Edit and pick "Paste in place" and it will be
exactly where you want it. Another option would be to use the object
inspector to see the x & y position of the object in the first layer, then
place it in the second layer & use the inspector to modify the x & y
position to the same as the first one.
> Two: When an object doesn't motion tween like I want first I check to make
> sure it's all broken apart. But then what are other things to
To motion tween, you need to make sure your object is a symbol or group (NOT
broken apart) and both ends of the tween must be the same object. If it is
"shape" tweening you want, then you must make sure both ends are NOT
symbols, and must be broken completely apart. In BOTH cases, it is best if
the tweened objects are the only things on that layer. (If it is a shape
tween that is not transforming like you want, look into using "shape hints"
under Modify...transform...add shape hint)

> Thanks for the help,
> Carla


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  FLASH: working efficiently with Flash, Carla Otto

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