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Subject: Re: FLASH: ATM and Flash on Win NT4
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 22:21:29 GMT

At 8:15 AM 1/4/0, Simon Wheatley wrote:
>I've got a new postscript font "nubian" required for a client's corporate ID
>and have ATM installed on my WinNT 4 machine in order to run it. About 25%
>of the time it runs fine, the other 75% it crashes Flash...
>...any ideas/work arounds?

You might want to check the version of ATM in use there... it's a
relatively recent addition to WinNT.

On the other hand, if other Adobe fonts work well on that system, but only
this particular font fails, then it would be worthwhile to examine the font
version itself for corruption.

In a pinch, though, yes, if there's any way to convert the desired text to
curves, then that removes ATM and font conversion entirely from the
equation and can be the fastest way to get back on track with the work.


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