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Subject: Re: FLASH: Why is my swf different from my fla?
From: Brad Bechtel
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 03:08:08 GMT

>>Please check out and DL "so" ... it is a 16k
>>fla for which Play does not equal Test Movie!
>>If you'll review frames 17 through 25, you'll see that I want a vertical
>>"squish" only (Scale: h: 1.0%). But when I Test Movie or Publish, the symbol
>>squishes horizontally too.

The weirdness you're seeing is because you're using the _sans font which is a Flash internal font used for editable text. Change this to Arial or some other font that's actually present on your computer and it works as you'd expect and want it to work.

As a general rule you should not use the _sans, _serif or _typewriter fonts for anything except editable text.

I had to assume that the file was SO.FLA - please add an extension to your files if you're making them available to others. It avoids confusion, especially since the Macintosh File Type and Creator attributes are not stored on this server.

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