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Subject: Re: FLASH: Text fonts on PC
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 18:50:41 GMT

At 07:17 AM 1/5/00 , you wrote:

>I am using two different PCs to design my site, a desktop and a laptop,
>so I swap the FLA file back and forth between the two. I didn't realize in
>beginning but each has different fonts on it. of course I used fonts that
>not shared between the two. soooo, when I open the movie to work on it
>with the other PC the texts do not always line up the way they did on the
>other PC and I have to go back and fix it all.

this will be a problem in authoring but not in the finished .swf, which
contains outlines for all fonts used. Just keep the same fonts on both
machines when authoring and you'll be fine. If you cannot keep all used
fonts on both machines, just don't change the font designation(s) when
authoring on the second machine. When you re-open the.fla on the first
machine, it should then revert to the originally designated font(s).
Marc Hoffman

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