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Subject: Re: FLASH: site check please
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 17:39:36 GMT

Both looked great to me. The only things I would comment on is on the menu
for http://www.deschrijver.nl it was frustrating to me to have the options
change order depending on what page you're on...would have rather they stay
put and just use the red (like you do) to indicate which page you're on.

On abcproductions, the only problem I saw was the little arrow indicating
that there is more to see might be missed...maybe add the word "more" above
it. I missed it at first, and only looked around because it seemed like
there should be more content (& there was, of course.) I see you have
navigation explained in the Help section, but I didn't know I needed help!
~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
charderatawsolution [dot] com
Advantage Web Solution

> I've finished to following 2 sites:
> http://www.abcpromotion.nl
> http://www.deschrijver.nl

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  FLASH: site check please, Interpaul

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