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Subject: Re: FLASH: Failed to save document error?
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 15:30:25 GMT

At 07:03 AM 1/19/00 , you wrote:

>Hi All,
> I don't know why but I've just been having a heck of a time get flash to
>work right at work lately =). Ok Every time I go to save a .fla file it
>gives me an error saying failed to save movie? Doesn't matter if its a new
>movie or one I've been working on before. I've taken Flash off put it back
>on and I still get the same error. Anyone else ever had this problem? Its
>hard to get my work done when I can't save the .fla's. Oh BTW I'm running
>Windows 98 with 160 MB Ram.

Some possible causes (from my experience, so this isn't an exhaustive list):

-File already open elsewhere;
-File is on a CD-Rom (cannot be written to);
-File WAS on a CD-Rom, hence it got copied to hard-disk as write-protected;
-File was opened off a network, and the network connection is no longer

If you can do a "Save-As," it would tend to point toward a file problem
such as those above. If you cannot do a "Save-As," it would tend to point
to a problem with your Flash installation (try re-installing), your system,
or your hard-drive (maybe a FAT problem -- have you run Scan Disk?).

Of course, try re-installing Flash; it's one of the quickest, easiest fixes
so try it before spending too much time on any other hunches.

Hopefully others on our list have some more ideas.

Marc Hoffman

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