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Subject: FLASH: Button Template
From: Irfan Uygur
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:08:45 GMT

Hi all Flashers,
after reading the tutorials and practicing some small movies, i am
constructing my 1st flash site, which will hopefully
be my 1 st job in the company. My question is i am preparing some 20-30
buttons which i want to base on a template button
so that if i change the appearance or up/over/down states of the button, all
of the other buttons will be updated.
I know that if i use a graphic symbol in the construction of the buttons, i
can update the look of all the buttons
when i make a change on the 'template graphic symbol' but what i want to do
is to update the appearence of all the
up/over states of the buttons.
Thanx in advance if i can do this, this will save me great time !

PS: i also wanna learn a drawing program to have more control over the
drawings in Flash, what do you Flashers use/recommend ?
CorelDraw/Macromedia FreeHand/Adobe Illustrator. I heard recently that
there's a plug-in available at MacroMedia site for
Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia FreeHand to export as SWF. Should i choose
to learn one of them for easy exporting to Flash?

Irfan Uygur

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