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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flash 3 Support in WebTv
From: Benny
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 19:33:20 GMT

> No offense, but some of your info is outdated.
none taken

Hi Ken,

>From the webtv links (you provided):
At this time, WebTV supports different versions of Flash as follows:
Flash 1: Animation, buttons. Supported by WebTV Classic and WebTV Plus.
Flash 2: Sound support, smaller downloads. Supported by WebTV Plus.
Flash 3: New animation effects, actions, transparency. Not currently
supported by WebTV.
(note the last sentence ;-)

Next I am talking about real live experience (2 weeks old ;-) so that can't
be too outdated I think ;-)

In my opinion if an implementation of any standard doesn't follow the rules
of that standaard or is incomplete then I would say that they don't
implement that standard (yet).


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  RE: FLASH: Flash 3 Support in WebTv, unique

  RE: FLASH: Flash 3 Support in WebTv, unique

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