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Subject: RE:FLASH: load/unload-swf problem
From: MPL Christopher Jester
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 20:17:28 GMT

I had this same problem about a week ago. What I did to resolve the issue is
call your new movie about 5 frames from the end of the first movie then when
the movie gets to the end have the master unload the present movie from it's
level. Make sure your movies are on differen't levels and using the 5 frames
seems to give it enough time to load the new movie.

Hope this helped.


Hi flashers,

I have a problem with loading swf-files into a single target MC which is
placed in a sort of 'mothership-swf'. Every time I load a new swf into the
target, I get a short white flash... it seems the previous swf is unloaded
and while the next one is loading, there is nothing on the screen but the
background of the _level0 application. Is there a way to prevent this from
happening (like maybe something like the usual preloading routines?)?

Any help would be highly appreciated,

as always, thanks in advance,


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  Re: FLASH: load/unload-swf problem, Thorsten Schmiedel

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