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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flash vs Director
From: Matt Coyne
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 13:55:19 GMT

Director is a serious tool for application development, hence the
versatility and price. Flash was a tool primarily aimed at animation
and simple interactivity on the web [prolly get flamed now] but is
heading towards more practical web orientated functionality.

I personally think that director is best served as a cd based app
developer/'presentation' tool. It certainly has the ability to create
internet based shockwave files but it's limitations is the file size
it creates for anything of worth. That's not to say I haven't seen
good use of shockwave [director] on the web, mainly of the
'experimental art based' sort.

Director is *very* versatile, *very* expensive [but good value],
whilst flash is just sooooooooo funky....


>I guess you have to pay the price for quality software.
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>I hit the floor when I saw the price 999%. I don't need whole D7 studio, but
>there's no way to buy only one component. Am I right or there is still
>chance to buy D7 without rest of Internet Studio

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