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Subject: Re: FLASH: A teacher wonders why ActionScript tutorials "bite"
From: AL Lyman
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 16:35:32 GMT

Love the discussion.
I was 48 when I got a computer. Never had pushed a button or had
any clue what to do. a trip.

On one tough day, I finally figured out how to get through
something, (forget now) after about 8 hours, and I came to realize
that all I did was click a mouse, or type something.

What is hard about that??

Yeah sure. I asked myself that but as we know it can be tough.

The I got Word Perfect-back in the old days.

Manual were almost 2 inches thick, with pictures, and if that failed,
all I had to do was call tech support with my serial number etc.

Several times a technician spent 2 hours with me.
Gladly and kindly. Courteous, understanding etc.

Those days are gone.

Along came W-95, manual 1/2 inch, and online rubbish for tech
support, written for rocket scientists, that is a vague way touched
on the subject. Entire pages could say nothing.

That is not by accident.

Suddenly Word Perfect help was a toll call. You know, 900

Buy the program, and for a few hundred more, (never ends) we will
slowly show you how it works. Personal contact? Forget it.

There is bucks in toll calls, and seminars, and "how to."

The claim is "manuals, well written", drive up the cost.

Implied is, we keep the cost down without the manuals.

So 3D programs are hundreds, and if you learn them, thousands.

Without the benefit of having this in school in my generation, and
many like me, online help is all we have. And that's pitiful.

That it is a pity, is no secret.

Whether or not you can use the program is assumed to be your

After 9 Javascript books, I learned that all I knew was how bad I
needed another one that said something.

I once knew a man that could talk all day, and never say anything.

But it sells more books.

Then the version changes, and more books are needed-not to
mention browser changes and compatibility.

To answer a question with-"You can do that with tell target" is the
classic way of saying nothing. Which is the way manuals are
It's like a secret language, unfortunately here to stay.

There is verse in the bible, and I am not a religious person, I should
say not a fundementalist, in Matthew I think_"Do not cast thy
pearls before swine." Interpret it as you will.

The pearls may come after pockets are lined, and usually-not

We do have insiders and outsiders and the latter may not get the

It is by design.

But then again, don't we all do the same? Seems to me it's

I thank the Teacher, and those who have input their 2 cents. AL

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