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Subject: FLASH: HELP: draggable movieclip in mask layer
From: mbain
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 16:49:05 GMT

I have put a movieclip (containing only a filled circle) on the stage and nade
it draggable and went test movie. All worked fine, the "ball" drag around on the
stage over my text - lovely.

Then i changed the layer the "ball" is on into a mask layer, and now it wont
drag. Turn the masking for the layer off ..it drags ...turn the masking on - it
doesnt drag. Can one not drag a movieclip in a mask layer ?
And if one cannot - then ho will one make a spotlight effect, where the user can
control the spotlight, ie ...drag the spotlight around on the screen.


Michael Bain - mbainatza [dot] ibm [dot] com
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