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Subject: Re: FLASH: CD rom on both platforms?
From: Michael Penne
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:03:56 GMT

What error are you getting? We've had no problem here publishing .exes
from flash/Mac.

--- Johnee Bee <jbatjohneebee [dot] com> wrote:
> well flash 4 wont save a projector and .exe in publish mode on the
> MAC, just
> a projector file.

You need the PC player for the PC (and a hybrid mac/PC disk). Have you
tried making a stub movie .exe? (Just a few frame movie with a load
movie to your main swf) if you can make this an .exe it will work.

> my question is...should i just put a flash player on the CD and have
> the
> movie a .SWF file so it will run on both platforms? and do i have to
> have
> two different players? mac/pc

Two new flash movies as of 1/5/00

New music video and new flash 3d file...

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