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Subject: FLASH: Back & controllable townmap... II.
From: Ujvary, Bela Istvan
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:10:38 GMT


Thanks for the help, but that is not really the thing I need.

I try to explain the situation now: We have a virtual town where You can
walk on the streets. Your actual position is in X,Y coordinates is handled
by the javascript routine.
Now. We have the whole map in flash, but (zoomed in) we can only see a
portion of it. So: we need to follow the users' walk on the map also. My
question is: How to tell the movie, which part to show? I have to use the
X,Y coordinates as a foundation for this.

Thanks a lot in advance again. :)


> Howdy Silver, sounds like what you are trying to achieve is something like
> an example we have at:

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  Re: FLASH: Back & controllable townmap.., Eric J. Wittman

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